***Head’s Up*** This is an unlisted page made just for you. The only way to access it by the link provided in the outreach message!
Sarah & Tony, What follows is a collage of images meant to inspire a very YouTube b-roll inspired intro sequence. We film (when it’s safe) the idyllic series of events leading up to a podcast starting. We will cut them together in a :10-:20 edit loaded with sound design and engaging transitions. Here are two videos that emulate the style we’d like to go for: 1. Daniel Schiffer Pizza Commercial 2. Hip Camp: Find Yourself Outside All though the content is different, the pacing, camera movement and sound design are all spot on. This is our gift to you. Why? Cuz ya rock. We look forward to connecting and creating with you, John & Laura from The Advntr Agency 🎥👨🏼‍💻👩🏻‍💻
Making It In Asheville Podcast Intro Sequence Viz Board